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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sword of St. George, Inc. is a non profit lay apostolate organized to build and operate the Catholic radio station KSWZ-LP, The Sword, 105.3, St. George, in a shared services agreement with St. Bernard Church, Wamego.

What is the Mission of the apostolate?

The mission of The Sword of St. George, Inc. is to help draw people to Jesus Christ and His One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church by way of broadcasting radio programming which instructs listeners in the Faith, that they may know the Faith, so as to live it and witness to others, and, through devotions that call the listener into conversation with God.

Are donations tax exempt?

Yes. The IRS notified the apostolate in a determination letter dated 20 December 2014 that the apostolate was found to be exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c)(3).  All donations to The Sword of St. George are eligle for a tax deduction.  The apostolate will send an official tax receipt to each donor after the end of the year by mail or email.

How did the process to build this station get started?

It literally was an answer to prayer.  One of our board members was half way through reading the book, They Fired The First Shot 2012, when she closed it and prayed, “I already know this. We’ve been watching all this unfold in the world for the last 30 years. What do we do about it.”  As she sat quietly, a list of names began to enter her mind. Finally, she heard, “And Kent will lead it.”

She called Kent and explained what had happened.  A few of those named began to meet, to pray and to discern God’s intent. Soon Kent was challenged to, “Look into starting a Catholic radio station.”  When he did, he learned that the FCC would be opening a 2 week-long window for applications for construction permits to build low powered FM radios stations.  These could be built for as little as $12,000.

But the window was to open in just three weeks. Immediately the next morning, Kent contacted the Catholic Radio Association. He was encouraged to start the application process by contacting a communications attorney.  That phone call, being placed immediately after talking with CRA, caught the attorney just as he was leaving his office for several days.  He agreed to take on the group as one of the very last he could manage.

Who is the licensee?

The group contacted the Director of Communications and Planning for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. Through the director, it was agreed that St Bernard Church, Wamego would file the application.  The construction permit was awarded to St. Bernard’s Church on 11 January, 2014.  An amendment to the permit was sought and granted on 4 November 2014 allowing the antenna to be placed on an existing radio tower at St. George, KS.

The Sword went on the air Sunday July 19th, 2015.  The FCC was notified and it issued a license to St. Bernard Church: BLL-20150715ABU. This only authorized an effective radiated power of 66 watts.  A request for a minor modification to authorize an effective radiated power of 100 watts was filed December 14, 2015.  A new construction permit was granted, the power was turn up and the FCC subsequently issued license BLL-20151218AIR.

What is the Shared Services Agreement?

The archdiocese does not wish for St. Bernard Church to be burdened with the day to day task of raising funds, building and operating the radio station. The lay apostolate, The Sword of St. George, Inc. was formed to shoulder the burden for the church. But, the FCC has specific requirements for the shared services agreement.  St. Bernard Church retains ultimate responsibility for the programming, staffing and  finances of the station. The church pays the apostolate $10 each year to do all the work.

Where does the money come from to operate the station?

All LPFM stations must be non commercial. There can be no paid advertising, however, individuals and businesses may underwrite any of the radio programs.  For more information on under writing contact manager@beta.kswzlp.com .  All other money has to come from the apostolate.

The apostolate, too, is a non profit and completely publicly funded. So it depends solely on donations from the listeners and others to keep the station on the air.

Why are the call letters KSWZ-LP, and what is meant by low-powered?

The call letters of all low-powered stations must include the suffix LP. Low powered means the station must broadcast at 100 watts or less. The station was free to chose it’s own call letters from the few combinations still available.  It was already known that the optimal location for the antenna would be at St. George and that St. George would be the “Community of Interest” that would be named at the top of the hour as part of the legal ID of the station.  Kent solicited ideas from the board for the call letters and name for the station.   He came up with KSWD and The Sword as examples.  The board liked them so much they stuck, except that KSWD was already in use. KSWZ was the best fit of the call letters available.

What is meant by the Sword of St. George?

For a short bio on St. George read St-Georges-Sword.

We like to say, “The Sword of St. George is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.

“And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God).”

                                                                                                           Ephesians 6:17 Douay-Rheims 1899

If the radio station is low-powered, how far does it reach?

You can view a map of the expected over the air coverage, here. There is a possibility that the FCC will allow LP stations to boost their signal to 250 watts in the future.  That could extend the footprint about 30%.  As it is, the station should reach about 50,000 souls with the Word of God.  A great many of those are young adults taking college classes. This is a very good time in their lives to have their faith reinforced through solid teaching.

We are also simulcasting over the internet to the world. You can listen live on your PC at home and at work or, using our apps, anytime on your iOS or Android phones and other devices.

 Who is “Kent”?

Kent Hampton has managed this project from the beginning. Once the lay apostolate was formed he was elected president and also serves as general manager of the radio station. He can be contacted via email at:   manager@beta.kswzlp.com

Who is The Sword’s DJ?

Veteran broadcaster, Lee O’Day joins us as our program director and on air talent. He was born and raised in Rochester NY. From early on, he had an interest in radio. At the age of 10 he was broadcasting radio throughout his house to his family.

After graduating high school, Lee got a position at WSAY in Rochester. The station paid the bills with the half hour of air time they sold to St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Every night at 7pm, the parish did a live broadcast of the “Family Rosary for Peace”. Lee is working to bring that tradition to KSWZ-LP.

Throughout the time Lee has been on radio, he has also been active in music ministry in the Catholic Church. After moving to Topeka where he worked for KSKX AM, WIBW AM, and most recently on KTPK FM, Lee joined Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish where he played guitar for mass.

Soon, Lee became a member of the Glory to God Community, continuing to edify the Body of Christ through music. It was his association with the community that got him involved in the planning of KSWZ-LP, The Sword.

Looking back, Lee sees how God has prepared him in faith and talent to serve the Body of Christ through Catholic radio. Looking forward, he’s excited about the opportunity to meet priests and parishioners throughout the western counties of the archdiocese and working to bring high quality, service oriented Catholic radio to the region for the edification of the church and for God’s glory.

Read Lee’s Full Bio.  Email Lee at:   programming@beta.kswzlp.com

 How can I call in to the live programs?

These are the times (Central Time) the shows are broadcast live. We air a few of the programs at a different time to accomodate our local programming.

  • Catholic Connection                877-573-7825              8-10 am
  • Women of Grace                      800-585-9396             10-11 am
  • Take2                                         800-585-9396             11-noon
  • The Doctor Is In                      877-573-7825               Noon-1 pm
  • Called to Communion            800-585-9396             1-2 pm
  • EWTN Open Line                    800-585-9396             2-3 pm
  • Kresta in the Afternoon         877-573-7825              3-5 pm
  • Catholic Answers                     888-318-7884             5-7 pm
  • EWTN Live                                800-221-9460            7-8 pm Wed.
  • Mast Appeal                              877-573-7825              8-10 am Sat.
  • The Catholic Business Hour  877-573-7825              10-11 am Sat.
  • Reasons for Faith                    888-526-2151              11-Noon Sat.
  • St. Joseph Radio                      855-447-6000             Noon -1 pm Sat.
  • The Good Fight                        877-573-7825              1-3 pm Sat.

How can I tell who will be the speaker on Fathers Know Best and how can I hear their messages again?

For information on episodes of Fathers Know Best, go to www.ewtnradio.net.  Look in the center of the page for a black tab that says “Radio Schedules.”  Under that tab, click on the words “Fathers Know Best.”

To listen to episodes with Fr. John Riccardo (Tuesdays and Thursdays), go here.

For a CD copy of Fr. Riccardo’s episodes, go here.

For a copy of episodes with Fr. Benedict Groeschel (Wednesdays), go here.

For a copy of episodes with Fr. Larry Richards (Mondays and Fridays), go here.

I’d like to use the App on my smartphone to listen. But, won’t that use up a lot of my data plan?

Listeners report that the Apps really use surprisingly little of their allowed data per month.

I hear Fr. Al Lauer featured on Morning Prayer and Praise. Can I read more about Fr Lauer?

You can read this short bio from Presentation Ministries.  Fr. Lauer is featured in this book:
Priest: Portraits of Ten Good Men Serving the Church Today by Michael S. Rose

I can get the station on my car radio, but can’t get a good signal on my radio in the house. What can I do?

We have suggests on our Support/Know Issues page, under the HELP tab.