Seasonal Schedule

Our Easter Celebration Continues with…

“The Trials of St. Patrick”

… airing  Sundays at 9:30 am and 8:30 pm.  This is a high quality 8-part radio drama series produced by Augustine Institute.


April 23rd. Part Five Old Masters:
Patrick begins his mission to Hibernia, making his first priority a meeting with his former master, but a Druid priestess is determined to stop Patrick’s efforts of bringing Christianity to the country.

April 30th. Part Six King of Kings:
To effectively preach in Hibernia, Patrick must receive permission from the High King Laoghaire, which leads to a dramatic show of fire.

May 7th. Part Seven Blood Crescent:
Patrick faces his greatest test yet as he battles the greatest of the pagan gods—Crom Cruach.

May 14th. Part Eight Coroticus:
As the tribunal comes to a close, Patrick suffers at the hands of a new enemy and an old friend and discovers the truth behind the men who work against him.