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Internet Radio

Internet radios play radio programs that are streamed over the internet, and deliver them with near CD quality audio. The radios need a moderately fast internet connection. They connect to your wireless network which gives you the freedom to move the radio anywhere you would like to listen, even outdoors.

Most people get an internet radio so they can listen to their favorite stations with perfect clarity. Often, they are astounded by all the programs they are able to receive.  We’re sure you will become a loyal listener to The Sword, but you well may find other stations you’ll enjoy at times.  You can search through sports, talk, news, comedy, and music stations from around the world.  Just about any genre you can think of is available. You can even listen to niche stations, such as “All Elvis All the Time”.

There are many internet radios on the market. They all utilize one or more internet radio streaming provider.  The Sword is registered with two of the larger providers, Skytune and TuneIn.  Are you curious how The Sword sounds on an internet radio? This is our stream on TuneIn, click to listen:


You can easily find internet radios online to purchase.  But, please take care to verify that the radio you choose uses Skytune or TuneIn.  We may be able to register with other providers in the future, but for now you will have to connect through one of these two.

Our radio station uses equipment from C. Crane to monitor the Emergency Alert System. The company has been selling high quality radios for 30 years.  They have a few models of internet radios. Some members of our apostolate own the new CCrane WiFi 3 Internet Radio and are very happy with it. The C Crane website is a good place to learn more about internet radios.  I would encourage you to poke around their website and read all you can. You can view the specifications, read reviews,  and even download their user manuals.

Internet Radios at C Crane

Are you one of our many listeners who have one of the original CCrane WiFi Internet Radios?

Sadly, Reciva, the company on whose service the radio was built, shut down their outdated servers a few years ago. Our internet radios continued to work reasonably well for nearly a year. But, now they have become virtually useless. The new CCrane WiFi 3 Internet Radio has a new feature that eliminates that possibility in the future.

Email manager@kswzlp.com for more information.

Skytune and TuneIn both offer enhanced programming for a subscription price.  But, it costs nothing to listen to the vast majority of the programs they stream. The Sword is absolutely free.  To search for our station on an internet radio you can search for “SWORD” or “KSWZ”.

“Testimonials” from our listeners

“I have found the internet radio to be a useful venue in order to listen to a multitude of channels. The sound is very clear and the ability to set programming for 3 stations is nice. I do not even listen to the usual radio stations since I have received the internet radio. I would recommend the internet radios to anyone.”

-Raymond C.

“I am not a wizard on internet stuff but I was amazed at all the possibilities worldwide.  The clarity of the radio is just like regular FM radio.  Who would have thought a few decades ago a radio signal could be heard worldwide.”

-Tom Toenjes, Radio Engineer

“I am very pleased with the internet radio.  There are a number of programs I like to listen to, and they all come in loud and clear.  I like the times of prayer and times when the Archbishop is reflecting on various items.  Lot of what I listen to is just by chance because I listen to the radio when I am in my house.  I believe Catholic Radio is a great Apostolate.”

-Fr. Earl Dekat