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Internet Radio Update



Irdb.FM, the company handling our internet stream is in the process of switching us from our original service to a state of the art system. Frankly, it is coming none too soon. The old server has become quite unreliable.  If you are listening with your internet radio, I would like to help you switch to one of our new streams.


You need to SEARCH for our station KSWZ, again, to get a list of all our streams. Then, you will select a new stream.

Press the BACK button (to the left of the BIG KNOB).  If you see <SEARCH>, you are in the right position in the menu.  Press the BIG KNOB to select Search.  Then you will be able to enter our call letters and END.  (more on that below).

If you don’t see <SEARCH>, press the back button, again. You will very likely be somewhere in the initial startup menu. It lists these options:



Personal Radio


Media Player


Alarm Clock

While in that menu turn the BIG KNOB until the <  >  Brackets are around STATIONS, then click the knob to select Stations. That will bring you to the Stations menu:





iHeart Radio


Turn the knob to bracket <SEARCH>, and click the knob, to select.


Now, turn the knob until K is centered in the display and click to select. Turn the knob to S, and click. Then do the same with W, and Z.  Now, turn the knob until the word END is centered and click on the knob.  You should see this result displayed:

<KSWZ 105.3 (The Sword) Saint George, KS>

You see that it is bracketed, but not yet selected. So, click the BIG KNOB to select our station. Now, you should see a list of three streams:


160k MP3 Stream

128k Ogg Vorbis Stream

300k AAC+ Stream


The MP3 stream is on our old server. Turn the knob to bracket either of the other streams, then click the knob to select it. After the connection is made be sure to save the station to one of your three preset buttons to the right of the BIG KNOB by holding down the button until the display says that it has been saved.


The AAC+ stream does not really connect at 300k, it can connect at a rate as low as 64k. So it is a good option where the internet may be slow at times.


Don’t hesitate to call me at 785-410-1373 if you have trouble with this.


Kent Hampton, General Manager